Activity : Village Tour in Nepal

Village Tourism is an important part of Nepal to promote tourism promotion as a new destination. Nepal has thousands of villages in hill side and mountain side. They represent pure native people of Nepal in different districts and different zones. These villages give different and unique culture, tradition and customs of Nepal. Recently Nepal government and Nepal Tourism Board with private sectors of tourism entrepreneur of Nepal has inspired village tourism to introduce with pure Nepali culture, tradition, customs, life style Nepali people and different ethnic groups. Also we bring a new concept to develop villages as tourism sectors and show our origin people of Nepal. History of Nepal begins from village by introducing their originality in life. Villages of Nepal spread in Far East to west and north to south with different recognition of religion, culture, tradition, life style and ethnic group. To develop villages, we launched home stay program in every village to facilitate for tourist people. One can go in every village and can enjoy with great Himalayas, small hiking, bird watching introducing their culture, tradition, caste, religion and other many mysterious arts and crafts.

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