An Exotic Tour of Nepal
24 May' 16

An Exotic Tour of Nepal

- Mr. Chij Gurung - Tour and Trekking Expert

Nepal is a country that draws visitors from all across the world. Some people get lured to it by the mountains and their desire to trek the Himalayas, while others are captivated by the culture and also the famous cities. There are also people who come here seeking spiritual awakening. Nepal can be a cultural eye-opener, a life-changing experience and an adrenaline-filled adventure, depending on the mindset as well as the itinerary that the traveler has set for himself or herself.

Here are some places that you should definitely visit when you are in Nepal


Katmandu is the capital and also the largest city of Nepal. The decaying buildings of the city are a sharp contrast to the lively atmosphere that you will find on the streets. The city has a background of historic temples and also carved statues. The Durbar Square of Nepal is a tourist attraction. Most of the places of open admiration in Nepal had been built in the 16th century. It contains fascinating royal palaces and several temples that have been constructed in pagoda style.


Bhaktapur is also considered to be third among the Royal Cities that lies on the old trade route of Tibet. When you travel through this city you feel that you are travelling back in time. This is the city that displays the ancient aspects of Nepal. You would love the beautiful, fine, and intricate wood carvings of the city. Also, it has an amazing backdrop of snow-clad mountains.

Boudhanath Stupa

The Bodhanath Stupa is just outside Katmandu. This is one of the largest stupa to be found in the world. It had been built sometime around 6th century or even earlier. This, too, lies on the old trade route to Tibet. This is has been declared as a Heritage Site by UNESCO. The stupa is the symbol of enlightenment. Each of the shapes represents the five elements namely, earth, fire, water, sphere, and air. These are also the five different attributes of Buddha. The stupa reflects an abstract form of the universe.


Pokhara, the neighboring city of Katmandu is also very popular tourist attraction. 200 kilometers west of Katmandu, it at the base of foothills and is surrounded by highest mountain peaks of the world namely, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri. It serves as the starting points of the treks to the Annapurna and Jomsom region. Even if you are not planning for a hike, you will enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Pokhara. The city is also popular for the three stunning lakes with the view of the Himalayas from it.


Lumbini is the birthplace of Siddharta Gautama or Buddha. Thus, it serves as a pilgrimage and tourist site. Lumbini is located in the southwestern plains of Nepal. The atmosphere in Lumbini is quite peaceful. The place is a testament to the immense amount of reverence that is shown towards Buddha. You can stop here for a brief period of time but in order to explore the place properly you will require at least one whole day. This way you will be able to absorb the beautiful scenery, tranquility and magnificence of the temple. It has a large stone pillar which is known to have been built by Emperor Asoka Maurya.

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