Nepal, the most beautiful place on earth to live with nature.
24 Feb' 16

Nepal, the most beautiful place on earth to live with nature.

- Mr. Chij Gurung - Tour and Trekking Expert


Nepal is one of the most beautiful and peace country in the world. It actually has got lots of amazing things that people would love to see it by their own eyes. The most important thing is to see the Mount Everest which is one of the highest mountains on earth.

And one more important thing is that in Nepal there are lots of exiting activities you can enjoy at the same time for example Nepal Package Tours, Holiday Packages, Nepal Rafting, Canoeing, Bunjy Jumping, Paraglidding, Nepal Trekking, Jungle Safari, Cultural Tour, Heritage Tour, Hiking, Camping on a Jungle, Elephant Riding, Elephant Shower, Rock Climbing, Peak Climbing, Expedition, Meditation, Yoga, All Nepal tour etc but among all of this activities most of the people love to explore adventurous place and adventure trips. So these activities are so much worth fool as u paid or invest for a exiting holidays so that you can enjoy this beautiful country for different purposes like Honeymoon, Family Tour, Group Joining, Student Vacation as well as different business or social purpose.

Gautam Buddha the Name that is known all over the world who was also born in Nepal the place called Lumbini, this place is so much famous because Buddha was the person who discovers and contributes to make more peace, harmony and more love on earth.


Actually Nepal is one of the best country in the world and one more interesting thing is it does not have no sea at all but it has got so many beautiful river,lakes,ponds, etc so that is why it is the second richest country on water resources . There are different unique cultures and tradition and people of course Nepalese people are really  helpful and trust worthy and there may be little bad people too but most of them treat tourists as a god but at the same time if we travel to Europe we would not get that opportunities. So I personally suggest all the tourists should come once in our country Nepal I can guarantee you won’t regret. There are different things you can enjoy as per your requirements or budgets. And the most interesting thing is Nepal is the only country which was not ruled by any nation and the soldiers of Nepal are so powerful brave it was revealed on Second World War that is why Gorkhas are famous all around the Globe.


There are different things that you need to keep in mind for when to come in Nepal in terms of what kind of season and what kind of weather it will be suitable for you to enjoy your trip. And we suggest the tourists to come as per your requirements for example if you want to do a trekking you should come in Sept, Oct, Nov and Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul and Aug .so as per your plan you should manage your time and schedule then it will be lot easier to carry it through and make a very good trip which you wanted and Nepal has also got a very different sceneries as well as views different everyday while you travel as per the place you visit.


There are a lot of things that you can take from here like from example different sovieniours and a beautiful memory that you will never forget as well as regret .and of course the friendly and innocent people their lifestyles culture, respecting other people and the social life which nobody can find in other countries the love that you want in your life, caring, realtives, family, friends, neighbors, communities etc. of course there is not much support by the government for those facilities which required to live life easily but rest of the thing is great in Nepal .

 How you inspire local?

Nepal is a beautiful country but still there are so many things is lacking to get developed fast so you as a tourist you can help in lots of thing like for example helping the remote area people so that they can also have an opportunity to study or may be in terms of health facilities with your little support there will be a changes as per your budget you can save a little and help the poor people and the good way is to unite the world by helping the poor people to provide them a chance to live life easier compare to know what I think is don’t they have a dream too? So for that there are too many international organization who are helping but still there not much of support for those people who requires the basic need to live life.


Nepal is one of the most popular countries for tourists in south Asia because of its different uniqueness heritages, temples, rivers, lakes, monasteries, etc.  And the main important things are Mount Everest is in Nepal as well as Buddha was also born in Nepal who is a big inspiration in the world to create peace no war. so there is different good ways to promote Nepal and bring more tourists so that our country can more depend on tourism sector which would be one of the best way to suggest other people to come to Nepal so that your suggestions will help them to see the dream country at the same time Nepalese economy can boom up with this industry because if the flow of the tourists grows of course there will be more opportunities’ for unemployed people to get engaged at work and get more creative so that young people can help to get develop nation which would be the most dramatic factor that tourism sector can help to renown the nation and its specialities,cultures,people and society.



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