Tips for the Best Nepal Tour
06 Feb' 16

Tips for the Best Nepal Tour

- Mr. Chij Gurung - Tour and Trekking Expert

Are you planning for a trip to Nepal? It is one of the most beautiful regions of the Himalayas that every nature lovers should visit. Your trip should start from getting to Kathmandu, the capital of the country. For your trip, you need to prepare beforehand. There would be much information that you will only get from the travelers who have been to Nepal. They are the right ones to tell you about the ways to stay healthy during the trip, to save costs, and to keep connected to the people back home. There are certain important things that you should know if you are heading for Nepal. Read on to know more…

Keeping yourself healthy and dealing with situations

Nepal has a dry and cold climate, which might be quite different from the climate back home. That is the reason there is a high chance of you getting sick in this new climate. You should ask your tour operator for the type of medicines that you should be carrying along with you. Ask the tour operator for the types of preventive measures that you should be taking for keeping healthy. You should be well-prepared for all types of medical emergencies. You should be carrying hand sanitizers and also some antibiotics in case you need those.

Try to drink only purified water in Nepal. Water is the most common vectors for spreading diseases. You should buy and drink only bottled water. You can also carry diluted water purifier drops in case you need to drink purified water. However, you should take care not to cause pollution with discarded bottles and to throw those properly in garbage bins.

Generally, the people of Nepal are polite and helpful. You too should be careful about dealing with them gently and maintaining your best of behavior. This will ensure that you have the best of experience in Nepal as a traveler.

There are certain cultures and habits of the place that you should be prepared for. For example, most of the people in Nepal (except for the tourists) eat with their hands. They also offer money with their right hands while touching the elbow of the right hand with the left palm.

Food in the restaurants of Nepal is of good quality and very tasty. Thus, you will never go hungry. However, if you get a stomach upset because of the difference in their preparation procedure, you should immediately take medicines and look for something that matches your food habits.

Be flexible! This is the best advice that could be given to a traveler to Nepal. You will have to adjust to the weather conditions and the culture. Moreover, you may also find certain conditions unfortunate and unexpected. You should be prepared to deal with those properly.

There are certain small things that you should be aware of before you visit Nepal, like there can be occasional “bandhs” or strikes in the country. Even though ganja is commonly grown weed on the hillside, you need to know that it is banned in Nepal. And, while traveling, you should always keep buffer time. This would help you travel conveniently in the country if you are taking public transportation. Happy Journey!

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