Tour Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan for the Experience of a Lifetime
09 Mar' 16

Tour Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan for the Experience of a Lifetime

- Mr. Chij Gurung - Tour and Trekking Expert

If you want to go on a long holiday, you should make plans for Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. On a single trip you will be able to cover these three majestic places of tourist places in the Himalayas. On this trip you will be able to experience the high adventures and local cultures. The villages and small mountain towns at the foothills of the Himalayas will provide a rich scenic beauty. Everywhere they will be pictures of tranquility and joy amidst the serene Himalayan background.

Whether you are in Nepal, Tibet, or Bhutan, get a deeper insight into the cultures of the land and its people. It is surely going to be a trip that you will remember for your entire lifetime. Try to learn the history and cultures of the place where you are traveling. It will enhance the overall experience altogether.

Before going for the trip…

Before going on this trip, you should ask the previous travelers about their experiences. Different tour operators and guides provide different experiences of the tours. That is the reason you should be clear that the operator you are choosing is reputed for providing the best of touring conditions to the travelers. They will also help the travelers to prepare for the trip and gives them a hint of what they could expect.

If you are planning to travel solo, you need to search for a travel agency or an operator who could ensure the best of facilities and experience for the trip. The operator should also ensure your safety for the trip. You should also research a bit and find out about the people who have the experience of traveling solo. You should also learn about the cost breakdown ideas, which would help you to break down the cost and save money on your travel budget.

You should also enquire whether the travel operator would offer the best of accommodation and food to the tourists. This would ensure the complete comfort of the journey. Try to get an idea of the itinerary of the trip. Remember you’d be traveling to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. So, you should know when and where you are going. You should ask for the itinerary beforehand.

You can try a trip of a week-long stay in Tibet, you might require two weeks in Bhutan, and at least a week should be spent in Nepal. Try to manage a leave that long for this trip, otherwise, you won’t be able to manage to see and enjoy all the things that these places have to offer.

You need to remember that Nepal is not that expensive for the tourist. If you join other group of travelers in Tibet, that should help you to cut down the cost of traveling significantly. However, you need to know that the government of Bhutan has fixed rates on the daily basis for the tourists.

You should choose an organized packaged tour to Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. This way you will never have to miss anything that a trip to the Himalayas could provide.

Also one can enjoy with these 3 countries in one basket trip as Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan Tour which is popular and can save your time with once single cost.

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