30 Jul' 16


- Mr. Chij Gurung - Tour and Trekking Expert

First of all, Nepal is boon of nature and home of world heritage sites. It has influenced by multi language, blended culture and ethnic group and communities.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful and peace country in the world. It actually has got lots of amazing things that people would love to see it by their own eyes. The most important thing is to see the Mount Everest which is one of the highest mountains on earth.

And one more important thing is that in Nepal there are lots of exiting activities you can enjoy at the same time for example Tour, Trekking, Rafting, Canoeing, Bunjy Jumping, Paraglidding, Jungle Safari, Cultural Tour, Heritage Tour, Hiking, Camping on a Jungle, Elephant Riding, Elephant Shower, Rock Climbing, Peak Climbing, Expedition, Meditation, Yoga etc.

So Nepal is such this place where people can do normal tour activity to high adventure tour because of low land to highest peaks of the world are situated in this land.

All Nepal Package Tour is normal best tour which can be done for all ages people around the year. One can explore culture, history tradition, nature and great Himalayan view trip.

Another short and best trip for people to love is Best Nepal Tour which gives you chance to explore all kinds of travel activities in a week which has contained wildlife safari in popular national park, traditional village tour, nature and great Himalayas in Pokhara and ancient historical spots in Kathmandu.

Nepal is one of the best Trekking destination in the world because of most of the high mountains are in Nepal. One can walk low land to more than 5400 meters high in the remote area of Nepal. One can enjoy with traditional villages, green forest with nature and long and long Himalayan ranges.

Everest Base Camp Trek has earned best record in geography channel for the best trekking trail in the world which goes up to 5450 meters high destination in Nepal. Also Annapurna Circuit Trek also crossed high passes between the remote districts Manang and Mustang, it has also more than 5400 meters high and walk on the glacier.

So among all of these activities most of the people love to explore adventurous place and adventure trips. So these activities are so much worth fool as u paid or invest for a exiting holidays so that you can enjoy this beautiful country for different purposes like Honeymoon, Family Tour, Group Joining, Student Vacation as well as different business or social purpose.

Gautam Buddha the Name that is known all over the world who was also born in Nepal the place called Lumbini, this place is so much famous because Buddhism and philosophy of peace was waved from Lumbini. Buddha was the person who discovers and contributes to make world more peace, harmony and more love on earth. His philosophy always offered no violence and world must be united to bring peace and stop violence and egoism.

So Nepal has a lot of opportunity to explore and search all kinds of resources related with travel and tour.

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